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There are currently nine official hosted areas Space at PS:OnePS1 is divided up into Hosted Areas. Each Hosted Area has an Area Host you can contact for information for projects, equipment training authorization and suggesting improvements to the space. Any area not specifically allocated to another area is controlled by the General Area Host. There are currently nine official hosted areas at PS:One. The Tool Cage Hosted Area has been deleted, and the tools that used to be held there are now under the control of the various other areas.
See [[Area Hosts and Volunteer Positions Policy]] for more information on Area Hosts.
'''See [[CNCVolunteer Positions]]'''* Contact: Elizabeth Koprucki** email: cahira_mirrored at yahoofor a list of other Volunteer
'''[[Electronics/Mechatronics Lab:Category:CNC|CNC - Computer Numeric Control]]'''(driving the computers to drive the machines)* Lasers Contact: Anna Yu** primary email: annotatehere lasers {at gmail} pumpingstationone.comorg
'''* 3D Printers Contact: [[General Areauser:matt|Matt Keith]]'''* Contact: Justin T. Conroy** primary email: justin 3dprinting {at conroy} pumpingstationone.inorg
'''[[Graphic Arts and Textiles]] '''* 2D Printing Contact: Shellie LewisDavid Ditzler** primary email: artg33k74 2dprinting {at gmail} pumpingstationone.comorg
'''*Industrial CNC Contact: [[Hot Metals Shopuser:NewFatMike|Mike Thompson]]'''* Contact* primary email: Tom Judgecnc {at}** alternate email: tom tormach {at tomjudge} pumpingstationone.comorg
'''[[Kitchen:Category:Electronics|Electronics - Mechatronics Lab]]'''* Contact: Arturo Duarte[[user:aces74|Anna Yu]]** primary email: annotatehere {at}** alternate email: electronics {at}
'''[[Metalshop:Category:General Area|General Area]]'''* Contact: Dean[[user:wessing|Erik Wessing]]** primary email: general {at}** alternate email:wessing {at}
'''[[Woodshop:Category:Arts|Arts - Graphic Arts and Textiles]]'''* Contact: Matt Triano[[user:shellie|Shellie Lewis]]** primary email: mattart {at} pumpingstationone.triano org** alternate email: artg33k74 {at }
'''[[Tool Cage:Category:Hot Metals|Hot Metals]]'''* Contact: Sevin Straus[[user:tachoknight|Ron Olson]]** primary email: hotmetals {at}** alternate email: sevin tachoknight {at knowledgefusion} '''[[:Category:Kitchen|Kitchen]]'''* Contact: [[user:ltloan|Cate Le]]** primary email: kitchen {at} '''[[:Category:Cold Metals|Cold Metals]]'''* Contact: [[user:jim|Jim Brink]]** primary email: 2010jfb at  '''[[:Category:Wood Shop|Wood Shop]]'''* Contact: [[user: ericbeau|Eric Beauchamp]]** primary email: woodshop {at}** alternate email: eric at '''[[:Category:Small Metals|Small Metals]]'''* Contact: [[user:Rezally|Ally Reza]]** primary email: smallmetals {at}   == Resources for Area Hosts ==* [[Purchasing Standards]] * Onboarding Process: == Area Host Expectations ==The organization critically depends on our area hosts and the quality of your service is a major factor in the experience of our members and the overall atmosphere of the space. The following are the duties and expectations of your area host position: === In general ===* You are an ambassador of the space. We expect you to make yourself familiar with and abide by our policies and to hold yourself to the highest standards of being excellent to others. Your behavior sets an example for the entire membership.* Explain and lead TidySpace policy for your area.* Prior to authorizing anyone on any equipment, ask about membership, ID check by two board members and liability waiver. Do not authorize anyone who hasn’t completed all three.* Do not give the door code to anyone. Members get the door code when the membership process is completed. * If you authorize a non-member to use tools per section (i) of that person must fill out a volunteer agreement form. The form must be signed by you as well as the non-member. This form must be sent to prior to any non-member tool use. (This is for insurance reasons. A link to this form will be provided when it is complete.) === For the area ===* Post contact information for yourself and the area volunteers.* Set rules and authorization processes and document them on the area wiki page.* Establish a TidySpace Wut Zone for your area* Provide TidySpace parking tickets (yellow, red and green)* Post the rules or a link to the rules or a link to the rules in the area. They should include the following:** Safety rules.** How and where for material and project storage. === Duties ===* Ensure a clean and safe workspace.* Expedite tool maintenance and repair when necessary.* Facilitate the authorization process, working closely with volunteer authorizers.* Label, document and organize tools and available equipment.* Report area needs and concerns to the board.* Post all receipts to within 30 days.* Maintain an up to date record of area spending.* Keep the area wiki page up to date. === What you can expect from the board ===* We will take your concerns seriously and will work with you to try and resolve them.* We will consider creating a temporary replacement position if you need to be absent for an extended period of time. * We will work with you to make sure you have the volunteer authorizer help the area needs.* We will seek your input when we are considering making changes to volunteer authorizer positions in your area. * We will strive to promptly process reimbursements and refilling of Pex cards upon receiving proper

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