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* [ Transformer basics] Transformers: Lessons In Electric Circuits -- Volume II Chapter 9
* [ Electromechanical Reference Page] A wide ranging site dealing with quite a few subjects.
* [ How to Clean my Soldering Iron Tip] Tips on maintaining the tip on your soldering iron from Stackexchange
* [ How to maximize soldering iron tip life] (PDF from Hakko)
* [ Soldering Iron Tips Care] (PDF from Newark)
=== Suppliers ===
==== Robotics ====
* [ Robot City Workshop] Chicago’s robot store.
* [ Trossen Robotics] Robotics kits, parts and supplies. Also check out their line of unique [ force and touch sensors]. Location: Downers Grove, IL
* [ Images Scientific Instruments] Robotics and electronics. Check out the [ various specialized sensors] they sell. Very speedy shipping. Location: Staten Island NY
==== Custom PC Boards ====
* compare quotes from 23 PCB manufacturers
== Metal Working ==
=== TIG Supplies ===
* [ The Weldcraft AK4C torch kit] is the "base" kit for the Millermatic Dynasty 280DX.
=== Powder Coating ===
==== Food Safe ====
* [ FDA-approved clear]
==== NON Food Safe ====
* [ Eastwood] has a large selection of colors, and a store located on the South Side and are open seven days a week
== Free Stuff ==
* [ Chicago Freestore] Periodic reoccurring free exchange store. Check website for current address and hours. Location: Chicago, IL* [http all Freecycle] chicago’s free stuff website. Mailing list membership required. Local chapters across the country.
* [ Craigslist] Has a “Free” section oddly located in the “For Sale” section.
=== Reference ===
 * [ COSI html Simple Machine Tutorialmachines (flash warning)] Flash animations of simple machines.* [ index.shtml Edhead's Simple Machine Tutorial] Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the house and tool shed! Silly fun stuff!
* [ Levers: Simple Machines] Flash animations of various classes of levers. Levers, fulcrums and loads described and illustrated.
* [ Linkage Animations( retrieval)] Flash animations of complex linkages.
* [ Linkage Mechanisms] Common linkage examples.
* [ Mechanisms and Movement] Flash animations of simple machines, mechanisms and movements.
* [ The World Of Timing Belts] A complete primer on all things timing belt and timing belt related.
* [ Mechanical Engineering Design Guide] The Engineer's Handbook: Tables, charts and formulas.
* [http://homeeducypedia.earthlinkkaradimov.netinfo/~bazillionlibrary/introsprings.html pdf How To Make Springs] A complete spring making tutorial.
* [ Make your own springs]
=== Suppliers ===
* [ DPX Systems] Turn your DeWalt drill into a power drive to power other stuff like scooters, wheel chairs, hoists, toolboxes, etc. Location: Las Vegas, NV
* [ Jordan Industrial Supply] Heavy-duty hardware distributor. Location: Wheeling, IL
* [ Habasit Belting] Sells through distributors such as Motion Industries. If you are making a large tracked robot and need tracks they are your supplier.
* [ Vogue Fabrics] One of the best fabric stores in the area, arguably one of the best in the Midwest. Wide selection of fabric for clothing and home decor. Also have corset-making supplies and a wide range of patterns from independent pattern companies. The store in Evanston on Main Street (near the Main St. CTA station) is better than the one on Roosevelt Road.
* [ Fishman's Fabrics] High end fabric for clothing and home decor. These days the retail store is more of a showroom for their wholesale business so in many cases you are shopping from swatches, but still a good store. Just off Roosevelt Road east of the highway, near the Roosevelt Road Vogue Fabrics and Binny's South Loop.
* [ ParaGear] Parachute fabrics and cords. Basically anything used on a parachute. Location: Skokie, IL* [http:// The Leonard Adler Company] "Sewn product construction necessities." Wondering where the local tailoring/alterations shop goes to get things like rolls of elastic, bolts of interfacing, and boxes of buttons? They almost certainly get it all from this warehouse at 3018 W. Montrose Ave. (just a few blocks east of Montrose & Kedzie). The company has been selling tailoring, dressmaking, and furrier supplies in Chicago since 1903. In many cases, what he has is much better and less expensive than the chain fabric stores. And he's local, so you don't even have to pay shipping.
* [ Jay Arbetman, Arbetman and Assoc.] also known as Chicago Wholesale Fabrics. 2256 West Grand, in Chicago. He represents a huge number of fabric manufacturers. Relatively low minimum order, less than ten yards in many cases. Also lots of sewing findings in addition to what Leonard Adler carries. Obviously a far better selection than the fabric chain stores, and he is often less expensive as well. But you will have to plan ahead, as most of it must be ordered. Also has PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabrics. If you are gearing up to start an Etsy shop and need fabric, this is the place to go.
* [ Otis-Oakley] — Sells scrap steel, as well as some new steel. Location: California Ave and Fulton St, Chicago
* [ MetalsDepot] — A source for metals, all kinds and shapes, no minimums. Location: Winchester, KY
* [ Midwest Steel] - A source for metals, all shapes and larger sizes available than most, no minimums. Location: Rodgers, MN.
* [ Speedy Metals] - A source for metals all shapes and sizes, Plate/sheet are a standard size, no minimums, and has discounted items. Location: Rockford, IL
=== Paper ===
=== Wood ===
* [ Owl Hardwood Lumber] — Rare and exotic woods, specialty woodworking supplies and kits. Location: See website for your nearest local retail store. Mention the PS1 account when you make your purchase and receive a 10% discount.
* [ Wood World] — South on Elston. Expensive and unhelpful. Heavily picked over exotic and domestic hardwood. Last resort.
* [ Carstens Millworks] — Sawyer in Warrenville offering kiln dried regional hardwoods.
* [ All American Reclaim]] — Reclaimed hardwood in Crystal Lake.
* [ Russell Mill] — Saw mill in Zion Illinois — salvage and reclaimed lumber, hardwood sawyer.
* [ Meyers Woodworking and Lumber] — West Chicago sawyer — regional hardwoods.
* [ Horrigan Urban Forest Products] — Skokie — urban felled hardwoods
* [ GH Woodworking] — Wauconda sawyer — reclaimed urban hardwood.
* [ Rebuilding Exchange] — Chicago (10 minutes drive South on Elston) — reclaimed lumber and fixtures
=== Plastic ===
* [ Rayco Sign Supply] — roll vinyl for the use with the vinyl cutter, and other sign-making supplies. Location: Chicago
* [ Eager Polymers] — Liquid thermosets: Silicones, epoxies, moldmaking, etc. Location: 48th St, Chicago
 ===Glass=== * [ Tortenson glass 3233 N. Sheffield Ave.] - tends to be expensive, compared to Chicago Tempered Glass* [ Abbey SpecialtiesChicago Tempered Glass] — laserable acrylic* The internet! For standard sizes and thicknesses, potentially other plastics and rubbers (talk to Tony) — PS:1's landlord — literally next dooryou can now get glass delivered for less than the price of local custom fabrication.
== Reference ==
* [ On Line Conversion] Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions.
* [ Free Fall Calculator] When your parachute fails and you don’t have a calculator handy.
* [ Radiation Dose to Risk Converter] When you really, Really, REALLY mess up.
* [http://www.webcalccalcenstein.netcom/index.php WebCalc.netCalcEnstein] Need a specific or unusual calculator? Will be changing to [ CalcEnstein].
* [ XE Currency Converter] Currency exchange rates updated daily.
* [ U. S. Patent Office Quick Search] Search the database for all things patent related.
* [ Unique Projects] This guy made a toy Sherman tank his kid could ride in! How cool is that!
* [ United Inventor’s Association] United Inventors Association is the national membership organization dedicated to inventor education and support.* [ First Aid Class] What to do and how to do it when you mess up.
* [] A depository of reference sites whose information has been confirmed as valid.
* [ Nicholson File Information] Nicholson file guide to files and filing.
* [ Nicholson File Terminology] Nicholson File Terminology Guide
* [http related-links-and-resources/ Sherline's Metalworking Resources and Hotlinks List] Reference material for miniature machining.
* [ Shop Floor Talk Forum] A forum for all things metal and metal working.
* [ The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS] A forum for all things metal and metal working.
Title (Links to, Author, ISBN, Description
* [ Lindsay Technical Publications]Now out of business. An amazing catalog of how to books from the turn of the century to modern technology.* [ Lindsay's links to similar vendors]* [ Your Old Time Bookstore] Former employees of Lindsay, some of the same books* [ Gingery Books]
* [ Knowledge Publications]. A lot of energy related books.
* [ Electronics Digest] (E-zine) OEM Electronics
* [ EPEMag] (E-zine) Web delivered hobby magazine
* [ Invention And Technology] (Consumer/Paid Subscription) Good stuff, interesting stories
* [ MAKE Magazine] (Consumer/Paid Subscription) The MAKE'ers magazine
* [ h+] (E-zine and Consumer/Paid Subscription) h+ covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing, and will change, human beings in fundamental ways.

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