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Conflict of interest policy

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A conflict of interest policy was voted on to be added to the [[meeting Notes 2010-04-06|bylaws in April 2010]]. This text was found in a .pdf linked in this thread on the member's google group, "Voting proposal roundup for the 4/6/2010 meeting: [ Voting proposal roundup for the 4/6/2010-3?start=750&sa=Nmeeting]
The pdf itself is here: [ Google Groups] and here [[File:Pumping Station+One+Conflict+of+Interest+Policy.pdf?gda=seNJdUUAAAD8qS-3ksQo1RRaT311GQ1pZeJewvVe_rgCWXC4VFoo0E2_64w7UKBebn5i0oh2ne4_gx_oZRLdTgSyp-j0QL09Gu1iLHeqhw4ZZRj3RjJ_-A&view=1&part=4]]

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