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* [ Images Scientific Instruments] Robotics and electronics. Check out the [ various specialized sensors] they sell. Very speedy shipping. Location: Staten Island NY
====Custom PC Boards====
* compare quotes from 23 PCB manufacturers == Metal Working ===== TIG Supplies ===* [ The Weldcraft AK4C torch kit] is the "base" kit for the Millermatic Dynasty 280DX.=== Powder Coating ======= Food Safe ====* [ FDA-approved clear]==== NON Food Safe ====* [ Eastwood] has a large selection of colors, and a store located on the South Side and are open seven days a week
== Free Stuff ==
* [ Otis-Oakley] — Sells scrap steel, as well as some new steel. Location: California Ave and Fulton St, Chicago
* [ MetalsDepot] — A source for metals, all kinds and shapes, no minimums. Location: Winchester, KY
* [ Midwest Steel] - A source for metals, all shapes and larger sizes available than most, no minimums. Location: Rodgers, MN.
* [ Speedy Metals] - A source for metals all shapes and sizes, Plate/sheet are a standard size, no minimums, and has discounted items. Location: Rockford, IL
=== Paper ===
=== Wood ===
* [ Owl Hardwood Lumber] — Rare and exotic woods, specialty woodworking supplies and kits. Location: See website for your nearest local retail store. Mention the PS1 account when you make your purchase and receive a 10% discount.
* [ Wood World] — South on Elston. Expensive and unhelpful. Heavily picked over exotic and domestic hardwood. Last resort.
* [ Carstens Millworks] — Sawyer in Warrenville offering kiln dried regional hardwoods.
* [ All American Reclaim]] — Reclaimed hardwood in Crystal Lake.
* [ Russell Mill] — Saw mill in Zion Illinois — salvage and reclaimed lumber, hardwood sawyer.
* [ Meyers Woodworking and Lumber] — West Chicago sawyer — regional hardwoods.
* [ Horrigan Urban Forest Products] — Skokie — urban felled hardwoods
* [ GH Woodworking] — Wauconda sawyer — reclaimed urban hardwood.
* [ Rebuilding Exchange] — Chicago (10 minutes drive South on Elston) — reclaimed lumber and fixtures
=== Plastic ===
* [ Rayco Sign Supply] — roll vinyl for the use with the vinyl cutter, and other sign-making supplies. Location: Chicago
* [ Eager Polymers] — Liquid thermosets: Silicones, epoxies, moldmaking, etc. Location: 48th St, Chicago
 ===Glass=== * [ Tortenson glass 3233 N. Sheffield Ave.] - tends to be expensive, compared to Chicago Tempered Glass* [ Abbey SpecialtiesChicago Tempered Glass] — laserable acrylic* The internet! For standard sizes and thicknesses, potentially other plastics and rubbers (talk to Tony) — PS:1's landlord — literally next dooryou can now get glass delivered for less than the price of local custom fabrication.
== Reference ==
* [ Nicholson File Information] Nicholson file guide to files and filing.
* [ Nicholson File Terminology] Nicholson File Terminology Guide
* [http related-links-and-resources/ Sherline's Metalworking Resources and Hotlinks List] Reference material for miniature machining.
* [ Shop Floor Talk Forum] A forum for all things metal and metal working.
* [ The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS] A forum for all things metal and metal working.
Title (Links to, Author, ISBN, Description
* [ Lindsay Technical Publications]Now out of business. An amazing catalog of how to books from the turn of the century to modern technology.* [ Lindsay's links to similar vendors]* [ Your Old Time Bookstore] Former employees of Lindsay, some of the same books* [ Gingery Books]
* [ Knowledge Publications]. A lot of energy related books.

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