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Meeting Notes 2016-03-15

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* Al | found us through Google | working with python, wants to get into woodworking
* Keith | with roommate recommendation | bikes are fun |
==== Two Random Members ====
* Patrick | runs power racing series - next one is in San Mateo in May, then Kansas City, Detroit, Colorado. Milwaukee is in September, | Member since 2010
==== Board and Area Hosts ====
* Shellie - Arts & Crafts Area Host
* Triano - Woodshop Area Host
==== Two Random Members ====
* Patrick | runs power racing series - next one is in San Mateo in May, then Kansas City, Detroit, Colorado. Milwaukee is in September, | Member since 2010
=== Special Announcement ===
* We're officially a 501(c)3!
* Thanks Awesome Callout and thanks to the previous boards of directors to make and those who made this happen.
=== Things that need doing around the space ===
* Please wash your dishes, either by hand or by dishwashing machine. Put dishes in and '''turn on.'''
* Sweep up the shop (and everywhere else that there is floor) and put tools away when they are not in use.* Take out the trash.
=== Awesome Callouts ===
* To everybody who made this Pumping Station: One's nonprofit status possible
* Shelly Loke cleaned all the towels in the kitchen
* Shelly & Gerald ran an event making chocolate truffles
* Lyn hosted Pi Day yesterday** there's still pie and it needs to be eaten!* Sheila got plates for made an emergency pie plate run pi day
* Space planning committee for all of their work
* Eric B for negotiating our lease with landlord
=== What have you been hacking ===
* Justin & Everett invented a new card game called Thai Pirate Rummy ** Ask them for the rules* Lyn made an a doodle app for Android app to doodle** Four colors are available. (You'll be surprised what color didn't make the list.)
* Gregor made mozzarella cheese
=== Announcements ===
* Everybody is invited: Potluck after the open house/member meeting on March 29th - bring food!* Birthday party for PS:1 is April 2nd.* Shelly is running a pathfinder game on Friday starting at 3, ; feel free to drop in later than that with a character.* Patrick needs to repeatedly practice taking vitals to get his EMT certificate - see him for free he'll take your blood pressure screening after the meeting.* Bike night is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8pm in the shop. Bring your bike, bike accessory, bike-related project, or bike thoughts.* SIGBOT - Robotics Special Interest Group - is Thursday at 7 in electronics lounge.  
=== Questions ===
* Has anyone formatted installed raspbian on a microsd card for raspbian on raspberry pi using a mac?** Dubi is setting up a pi for the first time
* Do we have t-shirts?
** There is a link on the website to get onbuy t-demand shirts** [[ can get t-shirts printed on-demand]]** But if you want to make it other t-shirts happen, do it
* Do we do anything with our sawdust? Can we donate it somewhere?
** There are stoves that burn sawdust - but **if the sawdust contains elements that don't burn safely (acrylic, treated wood), that might could be dodgy given the things that might end up in it
=== Votes ===
* [[Vote_to_Donate_SEM]]
* Guests from the Analytics Lounge* : Peter & Josh* [[ Analytics Lounge Website]]** Wanted to have Goal is a place in maker culture for equipment less focused on making and more focused on measuring & lab equipment Questions and Answers:
* Analytics Lounge (AL) will pick up the SEM
* Ryan sponsored this vote
* Analytics Lounge is working on creating a reduced dust environment
* SEM We had trouble getting data offthe SEM due to it using floppy disks as storage** We were able to network itto get data off** AL Analytics Lounge (Peter) has expertise supporting older equipment** Considering converting the SEM VGA output to DVI so that the output can be streamed on the internet
* AL membership model:
** Avoiding paid membership because not sure if there is a large enough user-base to fund the equipment they wantfor that model
** Anybody is welcome to come by on Sundays
** Want to get people involved and educated in using these scientific instruments
** Goal is to build a community of mutual support and information
** Looking into grant funding, depending on requirementsfrom funders** Planning on setting up Part of the charter is a recycling operation for lab equipment*** ProcessPlan is to process donations, cherrypickrehabilitate gear that is worthwhile, and sell gearsurplus
*** Have talked to freegeek about their experience with this
* If you want to take partor check it out, people are usually around on SundaySundays.* Considering instituting * Have chaos hours - if somebody has checked is in with the space, come by and they'll let you in** RFID tag access, the space is opensystem provides up-to-date info of availability* Co -located with a metal-working space ** Their co-tenants shop (Chicago Metal) ** Those folks have a waterjet with a 55 x 100" bed]
* Contact the analytics lounge at [[ their website]]
  * Vote passes with 45 in favor, 0 against. 47 votes cast.*10 full members attended the vote.*37 full members voted in person or via by proxy.
=== Tour ===
Who wants Thanks to give a those who gave the tour?! I missed exactly who all did that - Lyn, Shelly, and at least one more person.
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