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Interest Groups
* [[Knitting Machines]]: A page for participants in the Knitting Machine Workshops
* [[Applied Sciences]]: A page for persons interested in applications of science
* [[Writer Zen Garden]]: A page for folks interested in writing and creativity
* [[Electronics Office Hours]]: For all your basic (and not-so-basic) electronics questions
* [[Math Office Hours]]: A biweekly meetup for talking about mathematics
* [[Dream Hackers Club]]: For those who practice or are interested in lucid dreaming
* [[SIGBOT]]: A monthly meetup for building and talking about robots.
* [[Brain Hacking Club]]: A monthly meetup for those exploring the human brain
* [[Horology]]: the art and science of measuring time and time interval
* [[Pumping Station:Yum]]: Cooking and Hacking food

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