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== The ''YUM'' future ==
[[File:Sketch1.jpeg|thumb|left|alt=A simple layout of how the West side of the kitchen will be organized. |A simple layout of how the West side of the kitchen will be organized ''AKA: [[Beer Church]]''.]]
It has been repeatedly stated that the kitchen is not as often used compared to other spaces.
In the future, the kitchen will offer more opportunities than just cooking, it will give science and curiosity and opportunity to explore other areas of physics, chemistry, as well as horticulture. the space is slowly undergoing changes to help support hacker cooks and applied science programs, it will become a space not only for cooks but for future of scientists, engineers, curious people who know nuffin' bout nuffin'. Currently it is a place to cook and converse with like minded individuals and as the developing infrastructure progresses it will be become a room to safely and responsibly make things like soap, molecular gastronomy, and explode things in an exploding chamber, or have fun with chemistry or electrify your food, WHO KNOWS POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!
Additions to the West part of the kitchen are to make the fermentation chamber smaller and more compact than it currently is, a much more controlled envirnment that doubles as counterspace, it will also be moved to the north side of that area vs. where it is now on the south.
On the South CMU wall will be storage space for your cooking storage needs, cubicle boxes for things you do not want to share with other fellow members, ideas have been tossed around to make refrigerated cubicles as well. Storage units will range for about $5 and proceeds will help run the kitchen.
On the West wall will be Beer Church storage, much of the items that make beer church function will be placed along the wall. Ryan Pierce is currently working on a beer sculpure called 'The Beer Cathedral'.
The idea of the whole West part of the kitchen is for it to not only be storage and a fermentation chamber but as well as a library and snack area, partially a science area with an exploding chamber in one of the cubicles.
== Area Rules ==
date it will be thrown out exactly one week after it was put there.
If for any reason there is no labels on your items they will be automatically become items that are up fro grabs no questions asked
Drinks that perish and smell bad will be tossed out.
Storing beer is ok just as long as it doesn't take up too much space for a long time.
The milk and fresh juice will be closely observed '''If you would like to share fridge food with the space label the name as PS:One'''
Storing beer is ok as long as it is not in the fridge for more than roughly two weeks.
'''If you would like to share fridge food with the space label the name as PS:Yum'''
Email: []
# (312)217-0668 [text and call is ok]
== Safety ==
== Seed Starting Station ==
[[Seed Starting Station]]
Always label your plants! Name/Plant type/ Date
For more information click the link above!
== Tools Available ==

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