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updated kitchen area host to Cate
The Kitchen is one of the areas that has an area host here at PS:One. The current Area Host is [[User:ad9581|Arturo Duarte]]Christina Pei as of 2/19/2019. The kitchen aka:[[Pumping Station: Yum]] was built out of necessity to have a place to cook and started out by having a hot plate, a broken microwave and a broken refrigerator at a corner of the workshop. Additionally we built a place to ferment beer in the SW corner of the kitchen that can hold up to 12Kegs and thus was born [[Beer Church]]. The kitchen is enclosed by steel stud partition walls on the North and East sides and structural CMU walls on the South and West.
{{Infobox HostedArea
| image = Kitchen_June_38,_2014.jpeg
| location = 1st Floor Between Lounge and Shop area
| toolcategory = [[:Category:Kitchen Equipment]]
| hostname = [[User:ad9581|Arturo Duarte]]Cate Le| hostphone = (312)217-0668| hostemail = a.d.9581kitchen@gmailpumpingstationone.comorg
| hostother = N/A
| hosthours = By appointmentSee google calendar
| hostcerts = By request during office hrs or by appointment
== Fridge Regulations ==
Click [ HERE] to view the google doc version of the rules.
=== Storage ===
How to store:
'''If you would like to share fridge food with the space label the name as PS:One'''
== Safety ==
File:KitchenAid_Professional_HD_Series.jpeg|''[[KitchenAid Professional HD Series]]
File:Cooking_For_Geeks.jpeg|''[[Cooking for Geeks]]
File:Roaster.JPG|''[[Coffee Roaster (West Bend Air Crazy)]File:Panasonic-microwave-oven-2016.jpg|''[Microwave Oven]</gallery>File:Oster-Toaster-oven-2016.jpg|'' [toaster oven}File:Air-crazy-on-demand-popcorn-popper.jpg|''[Popcorn Popper]
=== Using the tools ===
[[Category:Hosted Areas]]
[[Category:Member Manual]]

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