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Vote to Upgrade Cleaning Service

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Vote to upgrade our cleaning service, to accommodate a growth in membership and our expansion into the rest of the building.
== Sponsors ==
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== History ==
* 2016-06-21 - Proposed
* 2016-0?-?? - (vote results)

== Background ==

Two years ago we voted to get a cleaning service to the space but we have grown from 300+ to 400+ members and we have signed the lease to double the size of the space, which includes 2 more bathrooms. We currently have service every other week, however given the increase in membership and space, we propose increasing the frequency of cleaning to weekly to manage our membership growth as well as cover the new space we are moving into.

Flying Broomstick is our current service and they have kept our space as clean as can be expected given our growth, but to improve the conditions of our space, we need to subscribe to a weekly service. We have received a quote for weekly service, including the new area of the building for:

$180/week. Here is the actual quote:

The service is for cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, floors in the lounge and upstairs, and tabletops in the lounge and upstairs (does not include upstairs counters on the edge of the room).

== Janitorial Vendor ==

The service we have chosen is Flying Broomstick. They have excellent references and their contact, is Izabela. They try to use environmentally friendly products and they are insured. It is $180 for each cleaning. We would be doing a cleaning per week, so the monthly cost is approximately $760 paid out of the Administrative budget.

== Language ==

Authorize the board to expand our existing contract with Flying Broomstick, to accommodate our expanding membership and coverage for the new space. We are currently invoiced separately for each cleaning, and this would not change under the expanded contract.

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