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Dell E6400 10

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Currently in laptop storage in CNC area.
This laptop is (as of Dec 6, 2016) in the process of being setup as a development laptop for infrastructure needs of the space. It will have a full and (hopefully) working build enviornment for working on ps1auth, the rfid code, the wiki and as time goes on any other unix-friendly software that the space depends on.
In time it should also be setup so as to be able to complelely redeploy any necessary networking configuration for the routers, the server rack, etc. It should *not* however function as a place to simply dump user data for the space, and to that end a policy governing that should be written up and submitted to the board and membership as a whole.
==Current Setup (Dec 8, 2016)==
At the moment the hacktop is running Debian 8, jessie. Given that large amounts of the spaces digital infrastructure is written in python, it is loaded up with python libraries for talking to all parts of the space.
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