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Board Orientation

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Business Cards
== Business Cards ==
The PR director has newish templates for business cards. Might as well get 500 if you get any. They will be stored on our Google Drive.
What I would recommend (Ray, PR) is that you secure yourself a durable PS1 email address rather than a "role" account, and forward that to either your role or your personal email account ... the reason is that it would be great if your contacts that you develop with business cards last longer than one year. There may be times when you want to direct someone to your role account rather than to your enduring email account, but ... try it this way, see how it works: get a PS1 card that isn't about your BOD role, and use that. It will count for more and last longer. You can't really order less than 500 cards cost-effectively anymore, and the cool thing about you advocating for PS1 is that you are a member, more than your BOD position.
If you want your role/title on them, no argument ... I'll format a set up for you. - Ray
There is a supply of generic PS1 cards available stored with our office supplies (currently in the safe) if you don't want to get any personalized cards, or for you to use until your personalized cards arrive.

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