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Member Management

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=== Create Member ===
* RT ticket generated automatically when a new member signs up through the website. Occasionally a member comes to us in person and signs up, typically to pay by cash and in that case, we don't really have the best system in place to manage that ongoing subscription.
* Search the [ member site ] for an existing profile using '''both''' the PayPal email address and the name found in the RT ticket. Doing both searches is important as someone may have changed their name, for example in the case of marriage. The PayPal payment email might also have changed and in this case, the RT ticket that is generated appears otherwise indistinguishable from a new subscription. Additionally, if a PayPal subscription becomes suspended, given our current PayPal product, it appears that we can reactivate the profile, but that is not the case. Only with PayPal Pro can we manipulate (other than cancel) the member's PayPal subscription. If the member follows the procedure outlined in the suspended subscription email, then they will create a new subscription. In this case, we need to both reactivate the original member profile, and resolve the suspended RT ticket sitting in the deathrow queue.
If a profile is found then:

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