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Lincoln Electric 3200HD

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Approximate Steps for Use: Corrected reading of gas flowmeter (rotameter) from PSI to CFH (cubic feet per hour)
# Cut the wire tip using the pliers to the recommended length.
# Check that the gas pressure is above 500PSI. If it's below, press the button on the left wall that will tell Ron to order more gas.
## Not sure if can use below 500PSI - I think we're fine as long as it outputs 20PSI20CFH?# Adjust gas output on machine to 20PSI20CFH
# Attach the ground to either the table or the part, depending on what you're doing.
# Brush off the mess from the table like the fine, upstanding citizen you are.
# Put away anything else you got out, like metals, gloves, face mask.
== Status ==

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