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Pumping Station: One - Chicago's Hackerspace
== [ Pumping Station: One] - Chicago's Hackerspace ==
founded 2009*We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit [[organization]]*Address: 3519 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618-5617
*General Contact:
*[[visiting|How do I visit?]] - We have an Open House every Tuesday at 8pm, with at the same time as our [[:Category:Meetings| Member Meetings]], and is open to the public. It's the best time to get a guided tour , ask questions about the space, and catch a couple meet some of the board members. 
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!colspan="2"|Area Directory
|[[:Category:General_Area|Info]], [ Events], [ Meetups]
|[[:Category:Electronics|Info]], [ Events]
|'''Hot Metals'''
|[[:Category:Hot_Metals|Info]], [ Events]
|'''Cold Metals'''
|'''Small Metals'''
== About PS:One ==
* [[Contact Information]]
* [[Neighborhood Information]]
* [ So who are hackers anyway?]
* [ 1st Floor Map At-a-Glance]
== Member Information ==
* [[New Member Orientation]]
* [ Member Web Site Membership Webite] (activate Sometimes called Wild Apricot or the member site. You can manage your usernameprofile, payments and membership level here)]
* [[Member Manual]]
* [[Guest Building Access]]
* [[:Category:Projects|Member Projects]]
* [[:Category:Tutorials|Member Tutorials]]
====Hey, where can I get stuff?====
Check the [[Sources]] page for an ever-growing list of places where you can pick up wood, metal, etc.
== Community ==
* [[The Board|Board of Directors]] - The points of contact for day-to-day corporate operations, but not for most tools, equipment and space utilization.
* [[:Category:Hosted Areas|Area Hosts]] - The main points of contact for the (currently 912) different areas of the space.
* [[Volunteer Positions|Volunteer Authorizers]] - contact info for the Volunteer Positions established by the Board.
* [ The Membership] - Here PS1 members can see the complete PS1 membership list.
==== Communication ====
* [[Votes|Member Votes]] - How we do/buy/decide big things
* [[:Category:Policy|Policies]]
* [ Canvas LMS]
== [[Events]] ==
* [[:Category:Classes|Classes]]
* [[New events|How do I create an event?]]
==== Area Calendars ====
* [ PS:One Electronics Lab Reservation Calendar]
* [ PS:One Hot Metals Calendar]
* [[Facilities]]: A list of what has been made available, and what should soon be made available to members.
* [[:Category:Equipment|Tools and Equipment]] : All PS:One equipment, tools, certificationauthorization, safety, and repair information goes here.
* [[Sources]]: Where to get stuff: from Depots to dumpsters.
* [[:Category:Facilities|Building Facilities]]: How our building works.
* [[Resources]]
* [[Administration#Important Documents|Important Documents and Files]]
* [[Systems#Workstations|SoftwareIT Infrastructure]]
* [[Supplies]] and other things purchased for day-to-day space needs
* [[Member Storage Registry]] tracks locker/shelf use
* Fixing and mapping the building's [[Electrical]] systems...
* [[Gathering Materials]]
* [[Tool Crib :Category:Wishlist|Wishlists]]
==== Interest Groups ====
* [[Pumping Station:Yum]]: Cooking and Hacking food
* [[ELMER Monthly]]: Ham Radio Office Hours for licensed Ops and those working toward their licenses. All are welcome.
* [[Chicago tDCS]]: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.
* [[Wiki Maintenance]]: Maintaining the wiki and teach people how to help.
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