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Vote to Create an Asset Removal Policy

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== Background ==
*Pumping Station: One has typically relied on loaned tools, donations, or direct tool purchases to outfit PS:One areas with equipment the membership would like to see used. Since our membership has continued to grow we've outgrown and/or upgraded many tools in the space and as a result we've begun to accumulate duplicate or obsolete tools. This vote seeks to address this issue by specifically defining a procedure that documents the removal or disposal of PS:One owned assets by an area host. This issue is a relatively new issue for our organization, since the majority of valuable assets had historically been loaned, but has increasingly become or been replaced with PS:One-owned assets. This policy seeks to compliment our [[Tidy Space Policy]] and [[Conflict of interest policy]]. The Tidy Space Policy isn't being used directly to resolve this particular issue because Tidy Space doesn't take into account asset tracking for organizational accounting/budgeting, is really only to be used for member projects, and could create circumstances in breach of our conflict of interest policy (such as self-dealing). This new policy proposal accounts for these 3 issues, as well as specifically describe possible avenues for asset removal that adhere to our mission.
== Language ==

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