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Shopbot PRS CNC router

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List of Currently Authorized Users
|doesitwork = yes
|contact = [[CNC|CNC Area Host]]
|where = TBDWood Shop
|value = $16000
|hostarea = CNC
* Nominal Cutting Area 96"x 48"x 6" (2.44m x 1.22m x .15m)
* Total Movement Area 102" x 50" x 8" (2.59m x 1.27m x .20m)
* Max spindle speed: 18000 RPM
* Min spindle speed: 4100 RPM
The spindle uses ER25 collets. These eventually wear out, so check before using them. Collets are a durable expendable.
* [ Dorian Tool ER25 Alloy Steel Ultra Precision Collet, 0.236" - 0.276" Hole Size]
=Status history=June 2020: Keyed switch replaced. 
August 2017: Dust collection system out of commission.
'''Authorization for this tool by authorized proctors only.''' This means you cannot get authorized by just anyone who is already authorized. You can only get authorized by a few people, the proctors listed below.
Authorization sessions are scheduled roughly monthly. Check the [ Meetup calendar] for upcoming authorizations. If no ShopBot sessions are currently scheduled, ask the [[CNC Area Host]] or on the [ Google Group].
Be aware that this authorization consists of two parts; the first session is a classroom session that will cover the software required and introduce you to the essential settings and chip-load calculation, and the second part, scheduled separately, is a hands-on class.
== Authorized Proctors Authorizers ==
{| class="wikitable" border="1"
|Matt Meshulam
|Andrew Camardella
|David Earl
|Matt Meshulam
== How to Become an Authorized Proctor Authorizer ==Get an ok from the area host. Successfully run an authorization supervised by an authorized proctorauthorizer. It's recommended that initial authorizations be limited to 2 member participants or less.
= Documentation =
[ "Maintaining Connections"]
[[]] - Template for the dust skirt and magnet placement.
== Tutorials ==
[ Overview of Cut Load calcualtions for setting bit feed and speed rates]
Vertanux1: This user teaches at Elgin Community College and has very good tutorials and downloadable textbook on Autodesk Inventor (which applies to Fusion 360 as well: and
Online chipload calculator:
Fusion 360 Videos
NYC CNC - Several videos that provide an overview of downloading software, preferences, and basic sketch terms and steps.
Lars Christensen - CAD/CAM instructor hired by Autodesk to produce their Fusion 360 videos. The Absolute Basics and #LarsLive series are worth watching.
Maker's Muse CAD for Newbies Series - Provides a detailed overview of sketch dimensions, constraints, revolving, sweeping, and lofting, among many other topics.
Krenov Coffee Table - A fantastic overview of the design of a coffee table from scratch. Lots of CAD best practices.
Fusion 360 V12 Engine - A long playlist series on a complex topic that demonstrates how powerful real CAD software can be.
= Software Tool Chain =
**Allows for 2D and 3D linework and toolpath creation
**Only available on the Shapeoko Computer
*Vectric V-Carve Makerspace EditionVersion 9.0 (earlier versions may not be supported here anymore)
**Allows for 2D linework and toolpath creation
*** After enabling cloud libraries in Fusion 360, you will be able to access your cloud post processor library by setting the Configuration Folder (Windows) or Source (Mac) to My Cloud Posts. Both of these dialog boxes are shown below. You will then be able to select the Cloud post you uploaded in the Post Configuration field (Windows) or the Post Processor field (Mac).
====Chip Load Calculation====
*[ Chip Load Calculator by Guhdo]
*[ Bit Parameter Overview by PDS Spindles]
*[http htm Monster Tools Chip Load Calculator]
*[ Chip Load Chart by PDS Spindles]
*[!searchin/pumping-station-one/makerspace$20edition/pumping-station-one/cTwfUHxESjU/7m_lI8UWCgAJ How to install Makerspace Version]
== Use checklist ==
PS1 is experimenting with the use of checklists to encourage the safe use and proper care of tools in the workspace. The latest version of the [[checklists]] for this tool is stored as a [ ?usp=sharing Google Doc] that can be edited by anyone. If you make changes, update the effective date at the bottom of the document. Print a new copy, and replace the old one.
Physical checklists are necessarily constrained in length. Following is a more extensive pre-flight checklist:
|[[user:skynaya|Skylar Sky Nova]]
|Matt Meshulam
|Matt Meshulam
|-|[[User:wittnl|Nathan Witt]]|Matt Meshulam|2017-12-09|-|[[User:GalaxyCascade|Steve Griegoliet]]|Matt Meshulam|12/09/17|-| Chinbayar Davaatseren| Matt Meshulam| 12/09/17|-|Theo T|David Earl|1/20/18|-|[[User:Frenchy|Jeremie Davis]]|David Earl|1/21/18|-|Armani Barron |Matt Meshulam|9/16/17|-|Scott Fullman|David Earl|02/24/18|-|Michael Donovan|David Earl|03/04/2018|-|Damon Carrvesco|David Earl|03/26/2018|-|Ryan Kelly|David Earl|03/26/2018|-|Will Coffin|David Earl|03/26/2018|-|Shabab Mustafa|David Earl|03/26/2018|-|Bruce Mace|David Earl|03/26/2018|-|Shahnawas Khokhar|David Earl|03/26/2018|-|Seth Cothron|David Earl|04/22/2018|-|Matthew Currey|David Earl|04/22/2018|-|Adam Hall|David Earl|04/29/2018|-|Kevin Huemann|David Earl|04/29/2018|-|Donzell Gordon|David Earl|04/28/2018|-|Nelson Reyes|David Earl|05/26/2018|-|David DesRoberts|David Earl|05/26/2018|-|Brendan Fortune|David Earl|06/02/2018|-|Chris Albert|David Earl|06/17/2018|-|Nate Myren|David Earl|06/23/2018|-|Eli Scholssberg|David Earl|06/23/2018|-|Szymon Mirek|David Earl|06/24/2018|-|Dan Willmott|David Earl|06/24/2018|-|Mark Treiber|David Earl|10/28/2018|-|Charlie Kepner|David Earl|02/20/2019|-|Kevin Cluff|David Earl|02/20/2019|-|Greg Bell|David Earl|03/23/19|-|Paul Ocampo|David Earl|03/28/19|-|Fritz Sullivan|David Earl|03/31/19|-|Daniel Gulick|David Earl|12/10/2018|-|Alex Biardo|David Earl|05/07/2019|-|Brendan Byrne|David Earl|05/07/2019|-|Sam Vuchetich|David Earl|09/29/2019|-|Antina Lee|David Earl|09/29/2019|-|Rob German|David Earl|09/29/2019|-|Ryan Zoghlin|David Earl|01/25/2020|-|Ellen Lustig|David Earl|10/29/2020|-
If you have been authorized but cannot log in, request to be added to the "ShopBot Authorized" Samba group (send an email to info (at) with your username and the name of the person who certified you) so that your login works. If you don't have a log-in on you will have issues here - sign up on that site first if you haven't already.
=== Lack of True E-Stop ===
As shipped, the ShopBot PRS does not support an Emergency Stop. This could be hacked, but it runs the risk of damaging the machine if engaged in a non-emergency situation. Suggested solution: Installing a 10A double pole 24V coil DIN mount relay, and powering the coil via the 24V supply through a normally closed E-Stop button. One pole will disconnect the 63V stepper motor current. One pole will break the control signal that enables the VFD and will cause the VFD to brake to a stop.
=== Automatic Dust Collection ===
The ShopBot has +5V TTL outputs that could be used to trigger automatic dust collection (when the spindle goes live) and/or a warning light (when the gantry is enabled to move.)
=== Limit Switch Issues ===

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