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Systems Backups

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Current backup situation
Current systems that have backups:
- * Canvas: Database (dump), Config files File storage is on S3 with no replication yet though (but there is nothing on it)- * Bob (our Samba/LDAP): Samba database, weekly systemd log, /etc, /var/log (without journal and lastlog) and /srv- * Rt: Database (dump), full rt4 (that's dumb, but better than nothing), weekly systemd log- * PS1Auth: Database (dump)- * Wiki: Database (dump), and a single copy (not daily) of the files not encrypted as our wiki is public.
=== What has to be done ===
- * A more clean system (we can all dream)- * A logging system that can alert if a backup is failing and so on- * Bob: We need maybe a nice export of the Samba database.- * Wiki: We need a better way to handle the daily backup of all the files, but it is huge, 4.3GB of a lot of little files
== How does that work.==

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