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Online Resources
The Cold Metals Area is one of the [ Hosted Areas] here at PS:One. The current Area Host is Dean Anderson.
{{Infobox HostedArea
| image = Cold_Metals.JPG
| toolcategory = [[:Category:Shop Equipment]]
| hostname = Jim Brink
| hostphone = 847-299-0534
| hostemail = 2010jfb at
| hostother =
| hosthours = every other sat 10am - check calender
| hostcerts = see below
== Area Rules ==
* Safety first - Use at miminum minimum the required safety gear for the tool you are using. Know where the closest fire extinguisher is as well as the first aid kit. And pay attention to what you are doing.
* Clean up after yourself - sweep, throw out little garbage bits, put large scrap pieces in the scrap storage locations.
* Workbenches should be cleared as a courtesy to the next member.
* Label your projects - Name, phone number, email, and date it each time you work on it.
* Put things back when you're done - Lets try to make sure everyone can find the tool they are looking for once you are finished.
<li>Projects too large for your locker cannot be left in the shop in a manner that makes any tool or workbench unusable. (If you have to store your project in the shop, find an out of the way place for itbut it must be labeled).</li>
<li>You must have a label with your name, phone number, and email on your project and any materials that belong to you. Every time you work on it, write the date on your label.</li>
<li>If a project is untouched for 30 10 days, the project will be considered abandoned and be made available to the membership as scrap or thrown away.</li>
<li>Your project may not be stored in the space for more than '''60 days TOTAL time''', whether you worked on it daily or once every other week. </li>
== Tools Available ==
See "Pages in category"
All equipment in the workshop has been tagged [[:Category:Shop Equipment]].
There are several categories of authorizations in the machine shop.
* Cold Metals Tier 1 - the non-precision machines. This includes the Johnson horizontal bandsaw, the DoAll vertical bandsaw, and the Rockwell drill press. Contact Chris Ruhland (ruhlandc at ***NOTE: Prior to April 2017, the hot metals grinder and cutoff saw were included in this authorization. Currently, the hot metals grinder and cutoff saw are covered in a separate authorization, Hot Metals Tier 1*** Contact Sam Olendorf (solendorf at Check the Events calendar Sam has scheduled classes  * Manual Bridgeport milling machine. Cold Metals Tier 1 authorization is a prerequisite. Contact JP DeBauge (impatientinventor at or watch the mailing list for the next session.
* Clausing lathe. Cold Metals Tier 1 authorization is a prerequisite. Contact Anna Yu to schedule.
== Budgets ==
* [ 2019]
* [ 2020]
== Office Hours ==
Generally Saturday 1st and 3rd from 10 to noon. ( by appointment during Covid )
Topics - It's good to be square, basic mill intro.
- Punch and Jim - lathe intro make a punch
- Make a spring - how to make a spring on the lathe
- Basic tap, ( not the dance)
- Hardening - your punch, your hardness tester
== Online Resources ==
Youtube Channels
Suburban Tool
Shadon HKW
South Bend projects
Power control sketch
Little Machine Shop Speeds and Feeds calculator
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