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{{#ask* [ PS:One Google Calendar] To add something to the calendar, request calendar privileges from any board member or info at Some events may be listed on PS1's Meetup account. How to start [[Has eventnew events]]. ===== Subscribe =====On an iPhone you can subscribe to the events calendar without adding it to an existing calendar. To do this just navigate to Settings -> Calendars - > Account -> Add Account -> Other -> Add Subscription. Then copy in this URL into the Server field and you will can subscribe to all the events at PS1. Enjoy :+) ==== Classes ====* [[Ongoing Classes]]* [[Past Classes]]* [[Has event start::+Proposed Classes]] |?Has event=title* [[Study Groups]]|?Has event start* [[Apply to Teach]]|?Has event end |?Has event description=Description == Upcoming Events ===*|?Has event color=color== Recurring Events === * [[300 Seconds of fame]] |?Has event location=location|format=eventcalendar|start=current |defaultviewHistory =month|limit=500|link=subject|legend=pane|firstday=Monday* [[Hall of Fame]]* [[:Category:Historical Events|dayview=yesHistorical Events]]|headers=show[[Category:Votes|theme=vector}}Upcoming Votes]]

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