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A username is a unique sequence of characters used at PS1 to identify a member and to allow them access to computer systems, some computer networks, online accounts and some machines.
Your PS1 username might have been established (2018 and earlier) using the web 'members' site at
After 2018, your username might have been established as a part of new account creation or account migration to PS1's Wild Apricot-managed member management system at the newer 'membership' page
Your username is not your email address; it cannot contain spaces or special characters (like @)
You can reset your password for [old ] usernames at
If your username is managed through Wild Apricot (2018 and later) instructions have not yet been published for password recovery. Email and for assistance.
You don't currently need a username to access the wifi at PS1, and passwords for wifi are provided inside the space.

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