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The Board

No change in size, 20:31, 7 April 2011
formating - titles: names
== President: Anne, President ==
Run everything. (kidding) Conduct meetings, guide policy, act as spokesperson, help with long-range goals, solicit donations, correspond with other organizations/individuals.
== Nathan, Vice President : Nathan ==
Help with the above, step in to take my place when necessary, guide and work on internals like the workshop, webcam, classroom, new member management system, etc.
== Treasurer: Ishmael, Treasurer ==
All financials/taxes/insurance. Manage the official list of members, keep an eye on our bottom line/savings/financial health. Our rock.
== Secretary: Patrick, Secretary ==
Record all meetings and votes. Also does heavy lifting on Circuit Hacking Wednesdays, making sure the doors are open for Knitting Mondays, PRS car work, work on sponsorship videos and other projects like the GGHC.
== CTO: Rhys, CTO ==
Keeps the internet going. And since you asked, yes, the '''entire''' internet. Acquired title in poker game with previous CTO. [[File:awesome_face_icon.png]]
== Shawn, Director-at-Large : Shawn ==
Connection/representation for the general membership, run individual projects like sponsorship videos, help with others like the GGHC. Sometimes also: voice of reason.
== Jim, Director-at-Large : Jim ==
Hackerspace canary. (kidding) Provide benchmarking feedback from his other space visits, design expertise. Sometimes also: the voice of "make no little plans."
== Avner, Interim PR Director : Avner ==
Outreach, spokespersoning, newsletters, flyers, help with responding to outside requests, helping GGHC. Still in-process.

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