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2019 Woodshop Dust Collection Vote

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== History ==
* Open for discussion.Announced: January 3, 2019* Language Locked: TBDJanuary 17, 2019* Vote: TBDJanuary 29, 2019
===Moving DC Closet and Some Tools===
The current piping layout in the Woodshop results in a long reach of piping between the DC and the table saw, lathe, and sanding areas; thus adding the lathe and sanders to the system would significantly reduce the pressure in the system that is already inadequate. Most light commercial models that PS:1 can fit in the Woodshop cannot provide adequate pressure for the current layout if multiple tools are usedat the same time. The new piping layout will reduce the pressure drop at the sanders by 4-5 inchesof water, drastically improving dust pickup; Appendix A includes spreadsheets showing the pressure calculations for a hypothetical system where the DC is installed in its current location, and with the proposed layout.
The DC will be located where the plywood rack currently is, and the plywood rack, ShopBot desk, and computer shelves will need to be moved to the left. This will require a three-phase 220V 50A hookup to be installed in the new location.
Grizzly Air Filters: $500 x 3 = $1500<br>
Duct Work (from Oneida Air Systems): $2000<br>
Duct Soundproofing Wrapping: $1200<br>
Ecogate System: $8700<br>
Electrical Work: $1000<br>
== Voting ==
== Receipts ==
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