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New Member Orientation

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Sorry, no. Unfortunately we are '''not''' a job shop, fab lab or tool rental company. You're going to need some patience. We are 100% volunteer run. Likewise, no day passes, no corporate memberships shared between several people. Not a good fit for this kind of place.
* How do I get certified on authorized to use the laser cutter?
The laser cutter is our most popular tool. There may be an authorization session on the Events calendar, or one may be in the process of forming, usually based on a discussion on the Google Group mailing list. There are a few recommended authorizers for the laser; it is no longer a viral authorization process. There is no recurring regular schedule are more volunteer authorizers for laser cutter authorizationcutters than ever before; it is scheduling a demand-driven activity. If you can find 2 other people that are willing to schedule a session at the same time, your chances of getting an authorizer to agree to show up are much betterwon’t be hard.
== How Do do I Get Authorized get authorized on tools? ==
It depends. Start by looking for a wiki page for that tool, see if that tells you how. You can find a thing's wiki page by searching for it on the wiki, or by looking for an [ equipment label] on the thing that will tell you the URL to the thing's wiki page.

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