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Membership agreement

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Member Responsibilities
# reporting any items, tools, or equipment in the facility that are missing, broken or otherwise not behaving as expected, to the corresponding area host and sending an email to with the item name, location, and detailed description of the occurrence. When something breaks, own up to it. If there is doubt about fixing it, ask for help. Do not chastise or shame someone for breaking things, help them understand what went wrong.
# not living in, residing in, or inhabiting PS:One. Naps are not prohibited, provided the nap is less than 20 minutes in length, the person is not laying down, and does not inhibit another member’s use or enjoyment of PS:One.
# any non-member they permit to enter the facility. If a person without the door code requests access, they must be a guest at a public event or a guest of a specific member. If they claim to be a member, ask a Board member or Area host Host to verify their membership before allowing unsupervised access. Do not provide the door code, under any circumstances.
# maintaining a safe and clean environment at all times.
# returning all tools and equipment to their designated location. Notify an Area Host if a designated area is not available and make an effort to create or identify a location. All tools must remain on site at all times, unless granted specific approval by an area host or board member. Removal of materials, tools, or equipment that is not the property of the member will be considered theft.

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