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How do I get a password for Canvas?
You first need to be in our new member management software, Wild Apricot.
Login using the Active Directory username you created in Wild Apricot.
You can reset your AD password here via email -
This is not and does not affect your Wild Apricot login, however.
Using the Active Directory Feb 25, 2019: The Canvas login has been modified to use your "New AD" username instead of your email address to reduce confusion. You can check your "New AD" username you created in on your Wild Apricot, you profile. You can reset the password to your AD password here via email - /Canvas account from Then you can login to Canvas using the email you set Wild Apricot up with and the password you reset via email for Active Directory.
For more information about various PS1 usernames and logins, see the appropriate wiki pages for [[Username]] and [[Login]].
== Technical Overview ==

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