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Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine

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* '''HOT SURFACE''' - Metal Frame holding material and handles will be hot. '''Wear Gloves''' during operation. [[File:Hot sm.png|150px]]
* [[File:Fire sm.png|150px]] '''FIRE''' - Material may catch fire while heater is left on. '''Do not leave unattendedDO NOT Leave Unattended'''.* '''CRUSHING''' - Make certain there is nothing obstructing the platform, before pulling the pneumatic lever raising the mold to frame. Make certain steel material frames are not left open. They can fall forward, quickly snapping shut. '''Clear All Obstructions'''. [[File:Crush sm.png|150px]]* [[File:Shock sm.png|150px]] '''ELECTRIC SHOCK''' - High Voltage machinery (3 Phase Power) required to run motors and heating elements. Make certain Visually check that power cabling is secure , grounded and undamaged before operatingand touching metal enclosure. '''Check Cabling'''.

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