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Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine

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=== How to Get Authorized ===
'''Authorization for this machine is on demandand viral'''. Please send make a request on the Google Group to see when an Authorizer Authorized member (below) is availableand coordinate an authorization.
Please review the information on this page, in particular the Safety sectionbefore meeting.
Please bring your own materials, as there is no guarantee there will be any available. A few sheets of thin 12in x 12in ABS/HIPS would be ideal.
# * Select desired Valve configuration on bed/platen/platform.# Both Valves closed for 12inx12in frame# Left Valve Closed and Right Valve Open for 24inx24in frame# Both Valves Open for 24inx48in frame
* More powerful Vacuum Pump
* Temperature Monitoring
* Mount Control Panel Box to machine''DONE''
* Put on locking casters, or more permanent blocks/skid (machine is very heavy)
* make the platen stationary and the heater roll (complicated)
=== How to Become an Authorizer ===
Get an ok from the area host. Successfully run an authorization supervised by an authorizer.  == List of Currently Authorized Users =={| class="wikitable" border="2"! Authorized Member! Authorized By| Date|-|Andrew Camardella|Self|Sometime|-| Dan Sharp| Andrew Camardella| 1/12/19|-|Greg "Nerobro" Teiber|Andrew Camardella|1/12/19|-|Adam Stein|Andrew Camardella|1/12/19|-|Mariano Muñoz|Andrew Camardella|11/22/18|-|Johanna Vargas|Joe Mertz|03/19/19|} [[Category: Hot Metals]]

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