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Category:Hosted Areas

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'''[[:Category:CNC|CNC - Computer Numeric Control]]''' (driving the computers to drive the machines)
* Lasers Contact: [[user:jcmertz|Joe Mertz]]
** primary email: lasers {at}
* 3D Printers Contact: [[user:IBriegermatt|Ian BriegerMatt Keith]]
** primary email: 3dprinting {at}
** alternate email: IanBrieger {at}
*2D Printing Contact: [[user:borg|Ashley Borg]]David Ditzler
** primary email: 2dprinting {at}
*Industrial CNC Contact: [[user:evezorNewFatMike|Andrew WingateMike Thompson]]
** primary email: cnc {at}
** alternate email: tormach {at}
'''[[:Category:Electronics|Electronics - Mechatronics Lab]]'''
* Contact: [[user:aces74|Anna Yu]]
** primary email: electronics annotatehere {at} pumpingstationonegmail.orgcom** alternate email: annotatehere electronics {at} gmailpumpingstationone.comorg
'''[[:Category:General Area|General Area]]'''
* Contact: Christina Pei[[user:ltloan|Cate Le]]
** primary email: kitchen {at}
* Contact: [[user:jim|Jim Brink]]
** primary email: 2010jfb at
** alternate email: coldmetals {at}
'''[[:Category:Wood Shop|Wood Shop]]'''
'''[[:Category:Small Metals|Small Metals]]'''
* Contact: [[user:aushraRezally|Aushra AbouzeidAlly Reza]]
** primary email: smallmetals {at}

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