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Rockwell Delta 20" Bandsaw

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|contact = matt . triano @ gmail . com
|trustee = Ralph Brendler
|value = $1,000
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* Tires are out of lateral alignment as well. Ralph and helpers will do a total overhaul Saturday 9/7/2019
* 9/8/2019. Ralph and Tim did total overhaul with new tires and belt. But later in day, blade was reportedly running off lower tire.
* Ralph repaired lower tire. Discovered that we cannot run at fastest pulley setting.
* 9/10 throat plate broken again
* 9/16/19 joe made new throat plate
* 10/13/19. Ralph discovered major bearing issues. Parts ordered.
* 11/2/2019. Ralph put it back into service with the great assistance of Jim brink
* 12/29/2019 thrust bearings and guides failure
* 12/31/2019 Ralph replaced thrust bearings, guides and other pats top wheel bearing/shaft still needs work, but she's usable again
* 1/8/2020 blade badly kinked. person was sawing fresh bark-on logs. i spoke with him AFTER. gn
switched to fine blade. new 1/2 inch blade on wall hanger
* 2-15-20. Loud squealing noise. Out of order FIXED
== Authorization; How to get Authorized ==
Authorization for this tool by authorized proctors only. Members not previously authorized must take the CANVAS course at
*Authorizations for the 14" Rockwell do not carry over to this tool
=== Consumable Parts ===
* This saw takes 141" blades.
* Thrust bearings type [ 6203-2Z] (17mm x 40mm x 12mm). Be sure to get 2Z or ZZ (steel shield) and not 2RS (rubber shield).* Throat plate. we We still need this made frequently Throat plate templates /model courtesy of Joe Dowling 
zip of SKP, STL and f3D files : [[File:Bandsaw]]
image[[Media:picofbandsawplate.jpg]] and
template Fusion 360 model at Joe's Adobe360
keep There is usually a spare plates in top drawer between bandsaw and lathe [TBD]the locked cabinet
==Tips on Use==
* Use a skip-tooth blade, at least 1" wide (but see note below).
Although wide blades are best for resawing, using 1" blades on the Rockwell is a challenge. The carter blade guides are difficult to adjust, and 1" is the borderline of their capacity. Adjust them so that the back of the blade runs against the support bearing, rather than digging into the frame of the blade guide. This adjustment is particularly difficult on the lower guide. If you do allow the blade to dig into the blade guide, it may be difficult to detect the mistake. The saw will run fine, even though the frame of the lower guide is pushing the blade forward. There won't necessarily be any telltale noises or tracking problems. The only indications of a problem may be that the back of the blade starts to get hot from friction and will discolor as it picks up resins from the wood.
For even wider blades, it is necessary to remove the lower guide completely. Although not an ideal set-up, if the top guide is adjusted properly and the feed rate is reasonable, it cuts well.
== List of Currently Authorized Users ==
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