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Board Meeting Notes 2019-11-05

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New Business
*Ask for, and post information about, when taxes were filed. Delegate someone to answer question on GG. Working on an extension of the extension. Working rapidly with extended team (CPA and bookkeeper).
** answers: Currently extended. Working with CPA and bookkeeper to reconcile.
*RFID lockers for tools- Molly: make little lockers containing batteries and lockers you can check out. We could prototype. We've investigated "check-in/check out" capabilities. During summit we had roundtable, talking about took lock-outs. Integrate with Wild Apricot. Use Ron's tool to mark people in WA. Vision for it combines components, but needs time and manpower.  
*Creating an accident protocol
*Insurance review for questions raised by B.D. and GoT creation
*Area Host reports (should we ask them to come to Board meetings once and awhile?)
*Switch PS1 communication from GoogleGroups to Discourse?
*Lathe vote- lot of discussion. Board approves the spending of the money.
=== Old Business ===
== Votes ==

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