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Pen turning

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Larger sizes are common for some larger fountain pens, and other less common sizes exist as well. Over time, we anticipate PS:One's tooling inventory for pen turning to grow. This tooling is stored in the blue plastic box under the Wen lathe, labeled Pen Turning. '''Please make sure all pen turning tooling is returned to this box!'''
At present, PS:One only has tooling for "open end" pens, e.g. where the tube extends the entire length of the wood blank. Special tooling ithat PS:One does not currently own is needed to make "closed end" pens.
Pen blanks typically come in sizes of around 3/4" x 3/4" x 5-6" which is suitable for most small pens. Larger fountain pens may need 1" x 1" blanks. Exotic hardwoods are popular, as are various engineered acrylics with color patterns. These can be acquired from the suppliers, above, as well as many other sources. Several PS:One members use exotic hardwoods in their projects; it may be possible to recycle scrap for pen blanks. And it is possible to laminate woods together to make a multi-layered blank.

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