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2012 Elections

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*<del>Robert E Lee</del>
*Adrianna McKinley<sup>*</sup>*Dan Meyer<sup>*</sup>*Lindsay Oliver<sup>*</sup>
*<del>Nathan Witt</del>
*<del>Chuck Testa</del> Chuck Testa has not been a member for 6 months and is therefore ineligible for a board position
*Patrick Callahan<sup>*</sup>
*<del>Robert E Lee</del>
*Dan Locks <sup>*</sup>*Eric Stein*Nathan Witt<sup>*</sup>
*Ishmael Rufus*
:* a proposal for vote to grant a term limit exemption to allow him to serve an extra term has been submitted: we'll be voting during the first meeting in January
==Chief Technical Officer==
*Matt Braun<sup>*</sup>*Todd Freeman<sup>*</sup>*Eric Stein*Shawn Blazak<sup>*</sup>
==Public and Press Relations Director==
*Drew Fustini<sup>*</sup>*Zlatan Klebic<sup>*</sup>*Adrianna McKinley<sup>*</sup>*Lindsay Oliver<sup>*</sup>*Avner Shanan<sup>*</sup>
*Ed Bennett<sup>*</sup>*Matt Braun<sup>*</sup>*Steve Finkelman<sup>*</sup>*Drew Fustini<sup>*</sup>*Christopher Jansen<sup>*</sup>*Zlatan Klebic<sup>*</sup>
*<del>Robert E Lee</del>
*Dan Locks<sup>*</sup>*Adrianna McKinley<sup>*</sup>*Dan Meyer<sup>*</sup>*Lindsay Oliver<sup>*</sup>*Avner Shanan<sup>*</sup>
*Eric Stein
*John Stoner<sup>*</sup>*Geoffrey Topham<sup>*</sup>*Anna Yu<sup>*</sup>*Jordan Bunker<sup>*</sup> :<sup>*</sup> = nominated not yet accepted

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