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Meeting Notes 2012-02-07

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* TBDFlourish workshop? (March 30-31)* How was:** Valentines day origami class (Will)** DIY Music night, Monday February 6th @ 7pm* Look, it's a roaming fab lab! (possibly invisible)
=== Announcements ===
* 300 Seconds of Fame after this meeting.
* Welding 2 with Dan Meyer, right after 300 seconds of fame.
* DIY CNC Night Wednesday, February 8th @ 7:00pm
* Haskell class with Robert Lee Thursday, Feb 9th @ 8pm* Hack One, Purl Two, February 15th @ * Chicago Primitive Skills - Tool Sharpening, Saturday February 18th @ 1-4* Lecture on Stories from the Trenches of Entrepreneurship ship Feb 15th22nd* Open Science meetup, every two weeks.
* Put your garbage away now and stack your chairs

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