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Evolution RAGE Saw

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==Note==This saw can cut many common building materials. The problem with this is there is a tendency to think it can cut anything economically. This is NOT true.<br><br>The stock multipurpose blade is awesome, but there are some things that should not be cut with it!<br>According to specifications ''the multipurpose blade can cut'':<br>Mild Steel<br>Aluminum<br>Wood<br>Wood with nails<br>Some Plastics<br><br>The multipurpose blade will not last as long or will get broken cutting:<br>Steel harder then mild steel (abrasive cut off wheels should be used for harder than mild steel, abrasive cut off wheels are a much cheaper to cut hardened steel rather than damaging the $70.00 multipurpose blade)<br>Masonry and tile products (requires optional diamond blade)<br>Fiberglass<br>Basically anything not in the can cut list above.<br>== List of Currently Certified Users ==
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