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Meeting Notes 2009-04-14

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* Nicky
* Adam
* Tyler
* ''Add yourself if I missed you''
=== Come to Order - 8:10===
* Current Membership update - Ishmael
** 34 paying members (36 by next week)
** $2,770.20 on hand after security deposit is cashed
** Working on a budget for the space
** Set up funding goals
* Insurance
** Expecting to pay between 800 - 2,000/yr
** Would like to insure big ticket items (like laser cutter)
* Groups
** Buildout
*** The nuts and bolts infrastructure, not so much the aesthetic side.*** Sketchup, 3ds & dxf posted on the mailing list.*** Drawn-out argument about roles of architects v. engineers.  ** SafetyCommittee - Sacha*** No laser tattoos*** Training on heavy machinery & other safe practices****** Current progress posted on wiki.  ** Danger Committee - Nat*** A lot more members interested in danger than safety.*** Details to come
* Exit sign design competition
** 2 weeks to complete best idea to be voted on with random materials of Eric's choosing. In this case an art deco exit sign.
*** Team flaming cookoo clock has two weeks to complete a flaming cookoo clock.
* Next weeks meeting at the space.
** Unless we have insurance in place, DO NOT bring anything that you don't plan on removing by the end of the meeting.
** For those that haven't visited yet, post on mailing list for keyholders to schedule between now and next Tues.
* Events
** Start a pool for the first time we get an unexpected visit by the polic/fire dept.
** Notacon
** Versionfest
** Chicago Nerd Social
** Geek Prom tentative June 7
** U of C scavenger hunt (May 7-10)
*** Nicky & Paul on Graduate/Alumni team
=== Meeting Adjourned - 8:55===
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