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HP DesignJet 755CM Large Format Printer

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{{Template:EquipmentPage|owner=PS:One|model=Hewlett Packard DesignJet 755CM |serial=|arrived= 2009 |doesitwork=Working|contact=CTO|where=Office (main PS1 room) |certification=no |hackable=no|value=~$200}}<br>
== Technical Information ==
The printer is hooked up to the IBM ThinkPad immediately to its right. The ThinkPad has all the software on it to print pretty much anything you want to the printer.===ThinkPad===The ThinkPad is dedicated to printing whatever you like on the DesignJet 755CM. It contains the following software:* Inkscape (latest as of 2/28/2013)* Adobe Acrobat Reader IX* Adobe Creative Suite CS2** Photoshop CS2** Illustrator CS2** InDesign CS2The computer is on the network as ''Printy''. You can connect to it and transfer your files that way or just use the USB ports (located on the left).
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