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Meeting Notes 2009-06-02

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* Eli
* Josh
* Sula
* Todd A.
* Vaughn
* John A.
* Theo
* Mike
* Ryan (new guy)
* Jerry
* Aaron
=== Come to Order - 8:15===
* Board Membership Intro
* New Visitors Intro * Office Equipment Deliverythanks to Adam** 200 Ft of cubicle wall rated for 120/240 to use for space buildout and whatnot * PBX/Asterix** Interest brought up and discussed.
* Grand Opening/Geek Prom
** Members get in free, their dates need a ticket.
** Volunteers
*** Sign up for volunteer positions, ''We Need Help''*** Positions including: Set-up, Working the door, Clean-up, etc.** Everybody join all the event listings** Street teams are being revived to help promote.
** Science Fair/Entertainment
** Tetris Wall
*** Sign up for that on the wiki too.
*** Commodore Music
* Public Relations
* Beer Brewing - John A.
** Still need to get a chest cooler
** Settle on day of the week for talks. (Proposed Sunday Evenings)
** John will have 4 beer samples of his homebrew on June 4,5,6. Talk to him to taste.
* Batteries Vote
** Pumping Station: One proposed to purchase batteries from friend of Jeff's for $20/per battery at a purchase volume of 40.
** Space will rent out batteries per use for fundraising.
** Vote next week
* Membership Mgmt. Management Committee** Meeting tomorrow 8:00 pM**** Software for organization office management
* God Helmet
** Interest through Open EEG project
** Supposedly makes people see god
** Phenomena come from tectonic plate shift
** Involves altering of spatial recognition
** Will be left at the space for people to try
** Caveat Emptor: Use at own risk. Small magnetic fields are used.
* Power Wheels
=== Meeting Adjourned - 9:35===
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