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Meeting Notes 2009-07-21

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===Come to Order - ===* Steve* Jim* Ryan* Zach* Karl* Paul* Eric* Tim* Dan* Freddy* John A.* John S.* Ishmael* Micah* Eric* Adam* Nathan* Jeff* Sandro* Sarah* Shandelle* Dan DDB* Rob* Josh* Jeff* Nicky* David* Shandelle* Gretchen
=== Come to Order - 8:02 ===
* New faces intro
* Server (Rack/Room) Committee Organization
** See Zane for details
** Need to acquire some more hardware to do it right.
* Zymurgy announcement - brew day has been set
** Brewing THIS FRIDAY afternoon of July 24.
** Recieved more brewing equipment to speed the process along
** Need to raise consumables funding individually
* Boredom committee announcement - new Myth box
** Bring media in you want to backup
** Ryan donated new P4 box
* Membership payments due
* New projects proposal: Asterisk PBX phone system and Twitter feed/IRC/Internet kiosk
** Project to set up phone service in the space.
* Present bylaws amendment: new officer position, Chief of Public Relations
** Vote taking place next week.
* Ryan will be working on getting a card for Steve congratulating his new child.
** Sponsorship from messenger service and Chief O'neills. Will pay off balance for batteries.
** Will have all day event where all the races happen.
===Meeting Adjourned - 8:27===

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