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test=wiki=A wiki is like an online encyclopedia with, typically, many simultaneous and less coordinated editors. == Getting Access ==Anyone can browse the wiki. Any member of Pumping Station: One can edit the wiki. If you need an account or need to reset your password, go to # Click Activate Account.# Enter the email address you pay your membership dues with.# Choose a username and password, and verify your information.# Come back to Click the Log In link at the top right corner of the page.# Enter the credentials you created on the members site.# Click the edit link at the top of any wiki page.  If you forget your password: # Go to Click the Forgot Password link.You will receive an email from with a link to reset your password.  == Editing ==See the mediawiki [ formatting guide] for wiki syntax. There is a page right here on our wiki about [[ wiki editing.]] == Discussions == Vote pages may have discussions occurring on the wiki discussion pages. When participating, keep your topics and responses clearly denoted with header tags and sign your posts with the shortcut <nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki> Vote pages may also NOT have discussions occurring on the wiki, and may have comments added in a section of the vote page itself, especially by people that aren't very familiar with wiki editing methodology.

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