Spending amendment

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Vote passed 03-01-2011.

Discussion threads here: https://groups.google.com/group/pumping-station-one/browse_thread/thread/8eaa0ab59491941f/d6cbf61f83a7e129?#d6cbf61f83a7e129 https://groups.google.com/group/pumping-station-one/msg/566f0002b52c9e38

The board of directors is empowered to spend money from the general fund for any items necessary to maintain the day to day operation of the hackerspace, or to reimburse members for their purchases of these items, up to a limit of $1000 per year. Reimbursements will be considered upon delivery of the items purchased and the receipt. The decision to spend or reimburse under this amendment must be unanimous. Each expense or reimbursement under this amendment must be reported to the general membership at the next regular meeting and sent to the members via email.