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Voted on 09-13-2011.

Text of proposal found here:

PS: One takes a lot of work to run. Everyday business is preventing the Board from working on long-term goals for the space. In order to help with some of that workload, the Board would like to propose hiring a part-time staff member. We've looked at all the ramifications we could imagine (and some we didn't, thanks to members calling them to our attention) and consulted with Bucketworks and The School Factory (Bucketworks has had a position like this for quite awhile now) to figure out how we could feasibly and appropriately hire. We think we've figured out how to do so well. The position will be limited in scope and hours and will also run under a four-month trial period (four rather than three so that the new board has some say when they're elected). If you have questions or want further details, feel free to post here or email me directly. The proposal is as follows:

The Board of Directors proposes to hire a part-time staff member to help run PS:One operations. The Board can change the hours and length of contract as appropriate to the funds available and work necessary for PS:One.

Current job description draft, for those wondering:

Pumping Station: One is hiring a part-time Workshop Assistant. We're looking for someone who shares our commitment to making things and is interested in helping making this hackerspace run smoothly. This position is for 10 hours each week, $12.50 per hour. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-Administrative tasks such as filing waivers, performing inventory of space supplies and ensuring that supplies are kept in stock

-Establishing office hours to provide members an opportunity to get certified on space equipment and for giving tours to non-members

-General cleaning

-Attending Board of Directors meeting and membership meeting weekly

-Other duties as agreed upon by the Board of Directors

The ideal candidate will:

-have good organizational skills

-have a history of making things

-be familiar with working with power tools (certification on space equipment will be required)

-live in the neighborhood

-have access to a vehicle