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Membership Level: Starving Hacker

"Starving Hacker" is a membership level for Pumping Station: One that was added to provide a low-cost alternative for members who perhaps did not want to pay the Full member rate for one reason or another, or did not want or need the voting privileges or storage space afforded by the Full membership level.

In some hackerspaces the 'Starving Hacker' level is offered to allow members who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford membership some level of access.

At PS1, the Starving Hacker level has historically been given full 24/7 access to tools and equipment, and all member privileges other than proposing a vote, writing vote proposals, sponsoring vote proposals, dedicated storage space, voting during elections and proposed votes or sitting as a board member or officer. Starving Hacker level members may run for seats on the board or for positions as officers, but are expected to pay Full member level dues once they assume the position.

There is a effort among some members to eliminate the derogatory connotations of the term, to flatten the membership level dues, and to separate storage space from membership privileges and institute instead, paid storage as an additional option for members. This change is expected to be proposed and voted on as part of the bylaws changes proposed for early 2019.

Dues are set by the Board of Directors for each membership level.

In January of 2019, the dues for Starving Hacker level members were $40 per month.