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Who are the Purchasers?

Who is expected to do the actual purchasing?

--Hef (talk) 22:03, 30 August 2013 (CDT)

The Purchasers

Brittany, Dean and me will probably make the purchases. Others may get involved.

Clarification questions

  • Wasn't there some legal problems with creating a ceiling?
  • The area host should be notified BEFORE the purchase to prevent two purchases at once.
  • The language "electrical for beer church" is a bit vague. I think this should specifically state what is being built.
  • Does the spending authority for the entire motion expire after 60 days or just ceiling and lighting? I found this a little unclear.

-- eviljoel

RE: Calrification questions

I don't know of any reason we can't have a ceiling. Do you know who raised this concern? I think this language is equivalent to "before". "kitchen area host must be notified in advance and immediately following any purchases" Electrical for beer church is to be 2-20amp circuits. Some materials are already at the space. Estimated cost for remaining materials $45. My intent is that everything but the area host budget expire.

--Mskilton 9/3/13

RE: RE: Calrification questions

  • My intent is that you clarify the text of the proposal. Clarifying it here is not binding.
  • It seems I misread the part about notification of purchases. Sorry.
  • What are the 2 20Amp circuits going to be used for? I would like that to be listed in the language of the proposal.

--Eviljoel (talk) 23:14, 3 September 2013 (CDT)

A Ceiling is...

Having a ceiling is one of the criteria for making walls into walls, not dividers, at least according to my... somewhat insufficient research. Permitting and code get more complex then.


Re: A Ceiling is...

I've asked around and got conflicting information. So here is what I think. We didn't involve any licensed professionals or municipal bureaucrats in the construction to date. It's possible that if we were subject to a building department inspection walls would have to be removed or modified. I expect this to be true for the ceiling as well. Obviously we have been willing to take that chance so far and I am willing to extend that risk to the ceiling. If it happens, we will deal with it, in the meantime we will enjoy a nicer space. In addition I believe the more complete the area is the less likely a fire inspector will be to call in an electrical or building inspector. I asked Leroy about it, he didn't seem to think a fire inspector would care.