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As written, I'm not sure this vote is required? It'd be a lot less overhead if someone just came to a board meeting and laid out what they expect the committee to look like, and we (the board) could create one without a member vote. --Dbever (talk) 10:37, 7 December 2015 (CST)

I don't object. We could put it on the agenda for the next board meeting. Skm (talk) 16:31, 7 December 2015 (CST)
I agree that a vote isn't required but I think having the members endorse or reject a process would be a good idea. Is holding a vote a lot of effort? Mskilton (talk) 21:41, 7 December 2015 (CST)
Running a vote definitely adds overhead (especially with this year's changes to how votes run). I also think we'll be harder-pressed than normal to reach quorum the week of Christmas. Anything this committee comes up with would probably be presented as a member vote, right? The committee certainly wouldn't be closed-door, so hopefully everyone would have a chance to participate in planning in some capacity, but the details of that participation I will happily leave to members of the committee. --Dbever (talk) 08:39, 8 December 2015 (CST)
What you describe sounds reasonable to me and I'm willing to make the committees and have you chair them and make decisions. Is your goal with this vote to ensure a quorum of people (and not just the board) review the process and agree that it's a good idea? That seems reasonable to me despite the overhead. This is one way to accomplish that. The timing is unfortunate. Derek has a point about running a vote the week of Christmas. If the vote doesn't meet quorum maybe it would mean people didn't review and consider it (maybe due to being on vacation). If quorum is missed (but the majority of voters vote yes), would you want the board to make the committee anyway? Skm (talk) 10:07, 8 December 2015 (CST)
All good points. And then there is 2016 budget and board elections to be considered. I had anticipated that writing a vote would inspire more discussion. Not many have weighed in on process yet. I'll wait and see if that changes pending the outcome of tonight's vote. If it doesen't I'm happy to skip the vote and let the board create committees or chose a different process.Mskilton (talk) 11:04, 8 December 2015 (CST)