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Infobox Tutorial
The Infobox Tutorial Page
Creator Andrew Vaughan
Version 1.0
Date 4/27/2017
Experience Level Beginner
Estimated Time Pretty Quick
Estimated Cost $0.00
Skills Required Wiki Markup


To provide an easy-to-use, repeatable Infobox on all pages, similar to the Infobox to the right of this page.


To create the Infobox displayed on the right:

{{Tutorial Infobox
| name       = Infobox Tutorial
| image      = Equipment-no-photo.jpg
| caption    = The Infobox Tutorial Page
| creator    = Andrew Vaughan
| version    = 1.0
| date       = 4/27/2017
| experience = Beginner
| est_time   = Pretty Quick
| est_cost   = $0.00
| skills     = Wiki Markup


Parameter Description
name The title to put above the Infobox. Defaults to the title of the page.
image The name of an image uploaded to the wiki. (Optional)
caption The caption to display under the image and title. (Optional)
creator The name of the creator of the tutorial. Does not automatically create links. (Optional)
version The current version of the tutorial. (Optional)
date A date for the tutorial. (Optional)
experience A field describing level of experience required for the tutorial. Often Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. (Optional)
est_time The estimated amount of time needed to complete the project. (Optional)
est_cost The estimated cost of the project. (Optional)
skills A comma-separated list of skills required for the tutorial. Will be auto-linked in the future. (Optional)