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What is the wiki

A wiki a collaborative editing environment that all PS:One member's have access to.

We use it for

  • Votes/Vote proposals
  • Meeting Agendas/ Meeting Notes
  • Recording Policies
  • Hosting the Bylaws
  • Note Taking
  • Systems Documentation

Wiki Usage Guides

Equipment Labels

Extra Features


The user:wikibot makes edits to the wiki automatically, making simple cleanups and doing link verification. It's running based off the Pywikibot software.

Cirrus Search

The default search in mediawiki does exact matching, but doesn't to lexicographical searches. We have Cirrus Search installed, along with indexing daemons that run nightly on the mediawiki server.

Cirrus Search has a very detailed manual. You may be interested in the filtering section. It explains how to search in only a set of pages. For example, typing -intitle:Meeting foo in to the search bar will search for foo in all the pages except for ones with Meeting in the title.

Visual Editor

The Visual Editor Is a feature Media Wiki has been working on for a while, but still isn't perfect. Most notably it breaks pretty hard on Equipment Pages.

The parsoid daemon is currently offline


The wiki is running MediaWiki's wiki software, the same as WikiPedia, along with some 3rd party extensions.

LDAP Authentication

The LdapAuthentication plugin hasn't had a real update since 2012. I needed to make this change: to get the plugin to work again.

Mediawiki Job Queue

The mediawiki Job Queue handles things like propagating template changes, link changes, search changes, etc. These operations can be slow, and the wiku runs 1 job per pageload. There is also a systemd timer that clears the job queue during off peak hours.

Page Caching

We have a few types of cacheing enabled in mediawiki. We have APC object and ond opcode cacheing enabled.

We also have a mediawiki file cacheing enabled. The file cache only takes affect for non logged in users, and non special pages.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • "Wiki uses cookies to log in users. You have cookies disabled. Please enable them and try again." This issue seems to appear randomly every once in a while, even if users have cookies enabled in their browsers, they still can't login (and basically no one can login or edit any pages at that point). We're not sure what the root cause is yet, but this StackOverflow answer points to some potential solutions.
    • If you want to get it working right now, just SSH into as root and run systemctl restart php-fpm to just restart mediawiki. Generally, that gets things working properly again, at least for a little while.

Allowed File types

log in to and edit /srv/http/

Find the $wgFileExtensions variable and make whatever changes you see fit.