Treasurer Procedures Day One

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Thing to do on the first day of the job.

Get access to passwords.

lastpass - should have all the passwords, but some things aren't those things. - will want to verify device, so have the old person's phone handy. Every 365 days Lastpass wants a new password. We just changed it Feb 4 2020, so be ready.

PEX - log in, 2fa to the old account


Chase - The previous and new treasurer go into the branch and light candles. Go to the business section and ask to switch admins.

You will get a PS1 Chase card for paying for things. That account get added to quickbooks.

get the old chase checkbook for paying other things.

Get a copy (digital or paper) of all the records, because the new account doesn't have access to the old account.

keys to the safe

FreshDesk - use and the pw in lastpass. Admin, Agents, treasurer, Edit

Quickbooks - more 2fa nonsense: Change the phone number.

The other Days

PEX, once a month, top off pex from Chase, top off area hosts, Export to QuickBooks