Upgrading Mediawiki

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Howto Upgrade the wiki

These are the steps I used. Replace version numbers where appropriate.

   ssh hef@wiki.ad.pumpingstationone.org
   cd /srv/http/wiki.pumpingstationone.org
   curl http://releases.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.23/mediawiki-1.23.1.tar.gz | sudo tar -xvzf 
   cd mediawiki-1.23.1
   sudo ln -sf ../LocalSettings.php ./
   cd ..
   sudo unlink mediawiki
   sudo ln -sf mediawiki-1.23.1 mediawiki
   sudo touch LocalSettings.php
   cd mediawiki
   php maintenance/update.php
   sudo systemctl restart php-fpm

Go to https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org and make sure everything looks ok.

Structure of mediawiki folders

  • in the web root, there are a number of mediawiki versions. For non-major updates (1.22.x to 1.23.x) the databases are generally compatable. So if an update goes wrong, change the mediawiki symlink back to the older version.
  • 3rd party extensions are not stored in mediawiki/extensions like the docs suggest, but instead as a neighbor to the mediawiki folder.
  • LocalSettings.php is also a neighbor, and is symlinked into each mediawiki folder.
  • Any item in the cache folder is considered expired if it is older than the modified time of the LocalSettings.php file. sudo touch LocalSettings.php<code> to expire the cache.