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Interest list....


  • Authorized on serger; happy to authorize others (this takes 15-30 minutes, maximum 2 people at one time)
  • Authorized on commercial machine; have not used it on a project yet
  • Will teach _basic_ sewing

  • Current projects:
    • Victorian sleeves for clockpunk costume
    • Bustle & bum roll
    • Elizabethan-style chemise
    • Elizabethaneseque-style bodice
    • Elizabethan caul

  • Future projects
    • Garb for the niece who will work at Bristol next summer: 2-3 additional chemises, 4 additional skirts
    • Learn how to use the embroidery functions on the PS1 machine with the wheels

  • Completed projects (including ONLY those primarily completed at PS:1)
    • Two chemises (one for me, one for the niece)
    • Two simple skirts (one for me, one for the niece)

Jewelry making


  • Norse wire weaving, also called "Viking knitting"
  • Beaded necklaces and similar items
  • Medieval/Renaissance jewelry designs

Paper crafts

I own a Vagabond die cutter and a ton of stamps and inks and stuff and enjoy creating cards. I may bring in the Vagabond some weekend when I need a break from sewing.

Leather working

This is something I want to do more of. I own some tools but have very little experience.


I haven't done much woodworking since college, but really want to get back into this.


Hey, there's a metronome near the bar, so I thought I'd mention it. I want to learn how to improve my sense of timing so I can conduct stuff.

I'm in the early music group Court & Country. We sing medieval and renaissance music, mostly a capella works (without instrumental accompaniment).


I'm authorized on the laser cutter, but don't know Illustrator very well.