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Document Size

File >> Document Properties

  • Units: in
  • Width: 24
  • Height 12


  • Cut inner parts before outer parts. After a piece is cut it may fall inward in the machine, or shift by the width of the laser cut. If this happens subquent cuts in the part will be misaligned.
  • Leave a border, especially around the right and bottom edges.
  • HEFTODO add a border edge to the print with a very weak ( opointer) laser settings, and add it to the beginning of the print order. If the pointer goes off of the piece, so will the cuts.


  • Vector cuts: set line width to 0.001 in. Everthing else is raster.
  • Printing vector cuts straight from inkscape does not work. Export to pdf and print from adobe.

Printing control

You can control the order of the cuts by settings the color, and use multiple cut settings.

  • Use colors in RGB space, and set componet colors to 0 or 255. This is not neccesary, but makes tracking colors easier.
  • The order of the colors in the print settings windows matches the order the cuts will be in. This is usefull for doing the inside of parts before the outside.


When importing from DXF files, don't use automatic scaling, using a scaling factor of 1.